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shamanic energy medicine

Ancient Andean shamanic practices and techniques, working at the energetic level to heal past trauma and create conditions for health, so you can dream your new world into being.

a short note on trauma

Lets face it, we all have trauma. Either its from this life or past lives, or passed down to us from our ancestors. However it came into our fields, its here. Its important to note what trauma actually is. Trauma isn't in the event itself, but how we respond to the event - either we had the tools to deal with it, or we didn't. And when we don't, its easier to fall down the trap of the stories that we create around the event. Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It's the lens we look at life through unconsciously. when we're healing trauma (inner child work, talk therapy, somatic work, conscious safe presence), we can shift that. We can consciously look through new lenses that we create for ourselves. My favourite approach to trauma healing is somatic work done in the presence of someone that feels safe, and I hope I can be that person for you! 
Over time and with research, we now know that all of this that's happening psychologically has an affect on your physiology. This means that your body has responses to the trauma in your field. This is where somatic work comes in to help with trauma healing. We learn to slow down, tune in, and truly listen to what our body has to say to us. Our bodies are constantly speaking to us but modern lives and technology have our receivers rusted. by working together to turn them back on, we bring your body on board in working to release trauma. And at the same time, we clear it from your energy field, which we talk more about further along this website. 
We are energetic beings with a physical body, and I really do believe its extremely important to honor that (I have so much earth in my astrological chart, I really can't help it!). So we honor and nourish your body and inner children, and clear your energy field as we go. Its really the best combination for healing, trust me!

About Section

a brief about the work

Everything and everyone has an energy field, including our planet. this luminous energy field has existed, and will exist infinitely. Our energy field is full of information about us - it basically contains all the information on how we are individually built, and how our emotions, actions, and behaviors manifest. We connect with every being, including pachamama (the earth) via our energy fields.
unresolved traumas (physical, psychological, or spiritual) leave imprints in our energy field. If not confronted, these imprints manifest as illnesses, diseases, addictions, being stuck in fight or flight mode, etc. imprints can be a result of past trauma in this life, in past lives, or passed down from your ancestors. If unresolved, you will likely pass them down to your descendants too!
In the healings, we work on the energetic level and clear these imprints from your luminous energy field in a process called an illumination. In working to clear these imprints, we are creating conditions for health, so you can rewrite your story without letting your past define it. You become the author of your own destiny.

who i am


Above anything else, I'm a deeply emotional and sensitive being that strives to live a more embodied & connected life every day. As an earth keeper and shaman, living in reciprocity with pachamama (Mother Earth) is the guiding force of my practice. we give as much as we take, in what's called ayni - right relationship with all beings. Apart from that, I'm a healer - a master practitioner of shamanic energy medicine. my training comes from the teachings of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and the Four Winds Society. I'm also a Body Temple Dance facilitator, which is an embodied, spiritual, ecstatic dance practice that celebrates the holiness of the human body. With years of practice in various therapeutic and spiritual modalities, I have found that for me, a marriage of the two in healing past traumas have been the most promising. We are deeply spiritual beings, and living in disconnection with such an integral part of our being doesn’t allow for long-term, healing.
The stories of your past don’t interest me, when working together, we don’t go over the stories of what happened to you, and why they happened to you. We work towards helping you free yourself from the shackles of these old stories that keep you stuck in past loops. I want to help you create a new story for yourself, and become the storyteller of your own life, and dream a new reality into being.. working with people all over the world, remotely, and in person.
I can’t wait to hold space for you, as you start to feel more at home in your body, and recognize the sacred within you.
In service to spirit, doing the work in devotion to the goddess, and pachamama.

I love talking, specially about all things somatic and shamanic. To know more, 

book a free consult call!

who this is for

If you want to clear imprints from your energy field, potentially extract energies from your field, retrieve lost parts of your soul, feel more at home in your body, live a more embodied life, are ready to show up for yourself and DO THE WORK and know its not always pretty - then this is for you!
In addition to that, if you are ready to live more connected to yourself, the people around you, the earth, and to spirit - this is definitely for you.
If you have no idea what any of this is about, but are interested in learning more, book a consult call and lets talk and see if this work is the right fit for you!
If you are not ready to put in the work and show up for yourself and healing from your stories and narratives, and do not believe in the spiritual path, or energy work, this work may not be the right fit for you at this time.




online or in person basic healing

A great place to start if this is your first time. Get a taste for what happens in a shamanic healing session where we work at the energetic level to reset your fight or flight response clear an imprint of an issue from your energetic field. Session may also include crystallized or fluid extractions, but no soul retrievals.


online or in person package

In a package of 5 sessions, we go into some deeper work, where we do basic healings, fight or flight decoupling, extractions, soul retrieval, and destiny tracking. We work over a few sessions to first clear your field as is needed to move towards soul retrievals and destiny tracking.


1:1 mentorship

10 weeks of weekly shamanic healing sessions, somatic support, homework, and regular text support. We go into deep work here, working at the energetic, emotional, and physical levels to help you feel more connected and at home in your body.

I'm deeply picky for this container, so book a consult call and we can see if we're the right match to be working together! 

book a session


when you consent to a session, you are consenting to the following:

  • Manipulation of your energy field - in person or remotely

  • Somatic experiences including but not limited to crying, shaking, muscle twitches, laughing, etc.

  • No somatic experience in a session. Healing still occurs on an energetic level, even if you do not experience anything in a session

  • An understanding that we are not “curing” illness, instead we are creating optimal conditions for health. Lifestyle choices you continue to make affect that too.

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